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In the Light of Nature

Njordrum designs modular houses for a more sustainable living closer to nature.
In collaboration with Njordrum partner, architect and designer Lars Vejen, we developed the downlight based on the Njordrum concept and aesthetics.

Nature is deeply rooted in the Nordic identity. It’s where we find peace and ourselves when life gets hectic. Danish concept and design studio Njordrum is on a mission to bring humans and nature closer together. They design and develop prefabricated, modular houses from wood, faithful to the nordic spirit.
When you have light, space and a strong relation between interior and exterior, the amount of square meter is no longer essential to whether the house feels big or small.

Together with Njordrum partner, Danish architect and designer Lars Vejen, we have developed the “Njordrum downlight”.
A design in strong relation to the Njordrum concept and a perfect match to simple, classic architecture – made to last in both quality and design.
At here&after we contributed with our technical knowledge and experience. Know-how on how to develop, manufacture and integrate high quality light fixtures in balance with architecture and natural light.

At Njordrum, we have made it our mission to let nature into our houses and people into the nature

Lars Vejen,

architect and designer at Njordrum


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