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Letting the Jewelry Shine Bright

In the heart of Copenhagen, Signe Abrahamson Jewelry handcrafts beauty and elegance. We helped the boutique with a new lighting system that lights the stage for each beautiful piece.

The shiny and polished surface is part of what makes jewelry so fascinating. It adds class and character and complements one’s outfit. But it is also one of the more difficult things to light properly. The lighting is supposed to highlight the beautiful bracelets, rings and necklaces, not distract.

For Signe Abrahamson Jewelry, we installed our Nano spots in their showcases. Nano’s focal point is far secluded, resulting in a low UGR value. And the design itself is small and discrete, letting the jewelry take centre stage.

If you ever feel like treating yourself or someone special, definitely visit Signe Abrahamson Jewelry’s Instagram.

It’s incredibly satisfying seeing how a small product like Nano can have such a big positive impact on the shopping experience. It’s comfortable lighting that lets the craft and design shine through.

Martin Dragø,

Project Manager at here&after


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