The Cars at Autocentralen Never Looked This Good

Autocentralen’s new showroom is lit to amaze and inspire. Together with LIK Lighting, we provided an impactful yet discrete solution for the Danish car dealer.

Autocentralen’s renovated car showroom required a flexible and effective lighting solution. With three car brands on display and a section for used cars all in one room, it’s a complex environment to light up properly. However, using our Hybrid system, we were able to provide an efficient custom-tailored solution, that makes the cars look amazing both day and night.

The flexible lighting system can be configured to meet each car brands’ unique demands. Still, it’s classy enough to complement the ceiling and powerful enough to deliver the necessary lux across the entire sales area. Now, the room is set up for Autocentralen to close the deal.

Hybrid Products


Spot Module 26W


Light Panel Module 60W


Downlight Module 30W

Product Highlight


Spot Module 26W


26W 2872 lm – light source value
29W 2162 lm – system values
Luminous Efficiency (system value): 75 lm/W
4000K CRI 90
Dimmable Dali Driver
Optic: S – Spot 36°
Adjustability: Rotatable & Tiltable
Material: Die-casted Aluminium
Size: Ø 75 x 140
Environment: Indoor


We had great ambitions for the atmosphere in the showroom so client and coworkers felt relaxed. Working with LIK and here&after has been a real pleasure. Their professiional approach and creative mindset resulted in a simple and elegant solution, complementing the old ceiling and makes for a unique design. All in all, our expectations were surpassed greatly.

Michael Rand, Branch Manager at Autocentralen

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