High-Performance Lighting for High-Performance Cars

MY GARAGE is the place for Danish petrolheads, whether storing, selling, repairing, or tuning. We delivered high-performance lighting worthy of the high-performance cars.

MY GARAGE is all about luxury and high-performance cars. They have showrooms, storage, and workshops, basically a one-stop for car enthusiasts. Using our Hybrid system, now, every four-wheeled beauty is illuminated optimally throughout the entire centre.

Hybrid delivers on all parameters. The even and efficient lighting brings out every curve, line and detail on the cars, supporting the entire experience. And because the light doesn’t flicker, employees and visitors won’t get headaches or feel uncomfortable at the end of the day.

Especially DC Workshop, which is part of MY GARAGE, benefits from Hybrid’s high colour reproduction, making every scratch and dent easier to spot. All this state-of-the-art hardware is wrapped up in a sleek Nordic design that blends nicely with the rest of the industrial environment.

Hybrid Products


Linear Light Panel 60W


Linear Light Panel 30W

Product Highlight


Linear Light Panel 60W


Light source value: 60W 9051 lm

System Values: 68W 5681 lm

Luminous Efficiency (system value): 81 lm/W

Kelvin: 4000K

CRI: 90

Dimmable: Dali Driver

Optic: S – Spot 100°

Adjustability: Fixed

Material: Die-casted Aluminium

Size: 1200 x 36 x 31.5

Environment: Indoor

Designer: Erik Padkjær Larsen


“With our new lighting set-up, it amazes me how we were able to see and get work done beforehand in the shop. Now, with our new installation, everything is lit up perfectly, and we have light where we need for an optimal working environment.”

Alexander Christiansen, Managing Director & Co-owner of DC Workshop

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