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Tracklight 12W

Don’t limit your imagination and lighting

Futuristic and minimalistic spots and downlights with innovative technology.

The Axis range fits almost any room and Axis won’t hinder your imagination for its application.
The Axis spot stands out both in design and functionality. It has a unique adaptor, filled with innovative technology, tucked away inside the track. The spot structure is based on aluminium and thermoplastic, giving it an excellent passive dissipation and an incredibly long lifespan.
The Axis downlight shares these attractive traits. Its ball bearing allows for easy and smooth adjustments, and the swivel joints allow the spot to rotate 355° and tilt to both sides.
Thanks to a high-efficiency reflector or zoom, positioned deep in the spot, both the Axis spot and downlight provide an elevated level of visual comfort and low glare.

Technical Specifications


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Item no.CCTColorControlCRIDimensionlm-systemOpticW-systemLuminous Efficiency (system value)AdjustabilityMaterial
57151741605602700KBlackDali90φ60mm1437lm40°14W103Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741605772700KWhiteDali90φ60mm1437lm40°14W103Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741606453000KBlackDali90φ60mm1514lm17°14W108Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741605392700KWhiteDali90φ60mm1442lm24°14W103Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741606523000KWhiteDali90φ60mm1514lm17°14W108Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741605222700KBlackDali90φ60mm1442lm24°14W103Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741606833000KBlackDali90φ60mm1499lm24°14W107Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741604922700KWhiteDali90φ60mm1456lm17°14W104Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741606903000KWhiteDali90φ60mm1499lm24°14W107Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741604852700KBlackDali90φ60mm1456lm17°14W104Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741607203000KBlackDali90φ60mm1494lm40°14W107Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741607373000KWhiteDali90φ60mm1494lm40°14W107Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741608054000KBlackDali90φ60mm1585lm17°14W113Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741608124000KWhiteDali90φ60mm1585lm17°14W113Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741608434000KBlackDali90φ60mm1569lm24°14W112Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741608504000KWhiteDali90φ60mm1569lm24°14W112Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741608814000KBlackDali90φ60mm1564lm40°14W112Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741608984000KWhiteDali90φ60mm1564lm40°14W112Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741609665000KBlackDali90φ60mm1580lm17°14W113Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741609735000KWhiteDali90φ60mm1580lm17°14W113Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741610005000KBlackDali90φ60mm1565lm24°14W112Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741610175000KWhiteDali90φ60mm1565lm24°14W112Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741610485000KBlackDali90φ60mm1560lm40°14W111Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC
57151741610555000KWhiteDali90φ60mm1560lm40°14W111Rotatable & TiltableAluminium + Iron + PC

(*) Estimated Delivery Times:
In Stock: 5-8 days.
Remote Stock: Air freight 7-10 days or shipping by sea 60 days.
Special Order: Production time 30 days + Air freight 7-10 days or shipping by sea 69 days.

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