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Cover – Surface Mounting 74mm – CO-DTC2

Downlight illumination installable anywhere

Tiltable downlights you can mount into thin panels virtually anywhere.

It’s very unusual for small, low-profile downlights to be able to tilt as well as rotate. But you can angle Coin low-profile downlights in any direction, because they’re mounted in a robust swivel unit.
They’re also available as fixed units, of course.
Each LED is recessed deep within the casing, so you see light without glare from the source. These breakthrough 24-volt downlights are specially designed for mounting in cabinets, shelves and panels only 13–15 mm thick – with nothing sticking up.
This makes them easy to install, as well as providing loads of illumination flexibility.
Designed by Erik Padkjaer Larsen

Technical Specifications