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Wall Lamp UP/Down Light 2x6W – HO-WU1

Surfaces and shapes you want to touch.

Rounded-off pendants and wall lights – with everything tucked away. In the Hover range, the fundamental idea of the cylinder has become gentler, rounded off and more tactile – attractive and inviting in every possible way.
Hover designs are available as pendants and wall lights, table lamps and ceiling lights, all featuring the same organic, rounded-off shape and distinctive surface texture. The core shape continues throughout the range, providing instantly recognisable visual design coherence and consistency. The pivot point is deep within the casing, as is the LED light source – for eye-pleasing balance, symmetry and non-glare lightfalls. Hover systems are exceptionally easy to install quickly, and you can operate and adjust them easily with features that include touchless sensors, touchless dimming and other even more advanced control systems.

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SKUCCTColorControlCRIDimensionlm-systemOpticW-systemLuminous Efficiency (system value)AdjustabilityMaterial
150100409000022700KWhiteTriac95NA2x507lmNA2 x 7W72FixedDie-casted aluminium
150100409000043000KWhiteTriac95NA2x545lmNA2 x 7W78FixedDie-casted aluminium
150100409000064000KWhiteTriac95NA2x590lmNA2 x 7W84FixedDie-casted aluminium
150100409000085000KWhiteTriac95NA2x574lmNA2 x 7W82FixedDie-casted aluminium
150100418000022700KBlackTriac95NA2x507lmNA2 x 7W72FixedDie-casted aluminium
150100418000043000KBlackTriac95NA2x545lmNA2 x 7W78FixedDie-casted aluminium
150100418000064000KBlackTriac95NA2x590lmNA2 x 7W84FixedDie-casted aluminium
150100418000085000KBlackTriac95NA2x574lmNA2 x 7W82FixedDie-casted aluminium

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