Light Bar 450mm

Atom Family

Small packages – big punch

Constant-voltage stand-up showcase lighting
This modular range of slender, rod-like display lighting solutions is designed to be easy for non-technical
in-house staff to fit and adjust. You simply mount straight pole lengths into a tiny casing mount, and add the angles and spots needed for any desired lighting effect – vertical, horizontal or angled. The choice is yours. You fit all Atom spots using a straightforward, quick-click jack plug. 24-volt constant voltage means you can fit any design or size of Atom LED light source, and swap sections in or out as required for different uses – with no delays and no hassle. Installation is ultra-easy, too.
That’s always the here&after way.

All Variations

160300518000012700KBlackTriac90⌀8.5 x 496 MM1084115°12W
160300518000022700KBlackTriac95⌀8.5 x 496 MM1016115°12W
160300509000012700KWhiteTriac90⌀8.5 x 496 MM1084115°12W
160300509000022700KWhiteTriac95⌀8.5 x 496 MM1016115°12W
160300518000033000KBlackTriac90⌀8.5 x 496 MM1084115°12W
160300518000043000KBlackTriac95⌀8.5 x 496 MM1016115°12W
160300509000033000KWhiteTriac90⌀8.5 x 496 MM1084115°12W
160300509000043000KWhiteTriac95⌀8.5 x 496 MM1016115°12W
160300518000054000KBlackTriac90⌀8.5 x 496 MM1160115°12W
160300518000064000KBlackTriac95⌀8.5 x 496 MM1090115°12W
160300509000054000KWhiteTriac90⌀8.5 x 496 MM1160115°12W
160300509000064000KWhiteTriac95⌀8.5 x 496 MM1090115°12W
160300518000075700KBlackTriac95⌀8.5 x 496 MM1156115°12W
160300509000085700KWhiteTriac95⌀8.5 x 496 MM1156115°12W

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