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Linear Light 900mm – HO-L2

Hover linear is linear light fixture, which various in lengths. With its smooth curved shape and up and down light, offer Hover linear a Nordic style ideal for different scene settings, such as, mirror lighting in Bathrooms, hallway, outdoor lighting, as an art installation and many other scenarios.

The Hover Linear is produced of aluminium. The solid structure and the aluminium give the luminaire a strong passive dissipation, which provide an exceptionally long lifespan. With a special developed efficiency optic cover, Hover Linear provide an elevated level of visual comfort and low glare. With an easy, fast, and well-hidden installation function, Hover linear provide a clean finish.
Designed by Erik Padkjaer Larsen

Technical Specifications


SKUCCTColorControlCRIDimensionlm-systemOpticW-systemLuminous Efficiency (system value)AdjustabilityMaterial
150100618000022700KBlackTriac95900mm2x352lm110°20W2 x 17.6FixedAluminium + PMMA
150100609000022700KWhiteTriac95900mm2x352lm110°20W2 x 17.6FixedAluminium + PMMA
150100618000043000KBlackTriac95900mm2x380lm110°20W2 x 19FixedAluminium + PMMA
150100609000043000KWhiteTriac95900mm2x380lm110°20W2 x 19FixedAluminium + PMMA
150100618000064000KBlackTriac95900mm2x410lm110°20W2 x 20.5FixedAluminium + PMMA
150100609000064000KWhiteTriac95900mm2x410lm110°20W2 x 20.5FixedAluminium + PMMA
150100618000075000KBlackTriac95900mm2x480lm110°20W2 x 24FixedAluminium + PMMA
150100609000075000KBlackTriac95900mm2x480lm110°20W2 x 24FixedAluminium + PMMA

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