Pendant Module 6W

Hybrid Family

Lighting that sounds good

Loads of choices and easy-install advantages

This comprehensive linear lighting system gives you maximum flexibility as well as significant cost savings from rapid, easy installation – even for complex layouts and control specifications.

As your needs alter over time, you can easily mix and swap around different Hybrid modules for your preferred combinations of general lighting, downlighting, spotlighting and wall washers.

All Hybrid fittings feature quick-click Wieland connectors for easy installation and connection. The modules click simply and smoothly into place, thanks to high-quality ball bearings – no tools needed. They sound just right.

We specifically designed the Hybrid range so these lighting solutions can be used with multiple electrical circuits and complex lighting networks and control systems. You can choose from a wide range of matching aluminum covers, rails and accessories so you can customize the visual presentations and lighting effects you’re looking for.

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All Variations

122500218000012700KBlackDali90⌀32 x 300 MM47417°7W
122500218000022700KBlackDali95⌀32 x 300 MM44717°7W
122500209000012700KWhiteDali90⌀32 x 300 MM47417°7W
122500209000022700KWhiteDali95⌀32 x 300 MM44717°7W
122500218000032700KBlackDali90⌀32 x 300 MM47424°7W
122500218000042700KBlackDali95⌀32 x 300 MM44724°7W
122500209000032700KWhiteDali90⌀32 x 300 MM47424°7W
122500209000042700KWhiteDali95⌀32 x 300 MM44724°7W
122500218000052700KBlackDali90⌀32 x 300 MM47736°7W
122500218000062700KBlackDali95⌀32 x 300 MM44736°7W
122500209000052700KWhiteDali90⌀32 x 300 MM47736°7W
122500209000062700KWhiteDali95⌀32 x 300 MM44736°7W
122500218000073000KBlackDali90⌀32 x 300 MM50117°7W
122500218000083000KBlackDali95⌀32 x 300 MM46517°7W
122500209000073000KWhiteDali90⌀32 x 300 MM50117°7W
122500209000083000KWhiteDali95⌀32 x 300 MM46517°7W
122500218000093000KBlackDali90⌀32 x 300 MM50124°7W
122500218000103000KBlackDali95⌀32 x 300 MM46524°7W
122500209000093000KWhiteDali90⌀32 x 300 MM50124°7W
122500209000103000KWhiteDali95⌀32 x 300 MM46524°7W
122500218000113000KBlackDali90⌀32 x 300 MM50136°7W
122500218000123000KBlackDali95⌀32 x 300 MM46536°7W
122500209000113000KWhiteDali90⌀32 x 300 MM50136°7W
122500209000123000KWhiteDali95⌀32 x 300 MM46536°7W
122500218000134000KBlackDali90⌀32 x 300 MM53717°7W
122500218000144000KBlackDali95⌀32 x 300 MM49217°7W
122500209000134000KWhiteDali90⌀32 x 300 MM53717°7W
122500209000144000KWhiteDali95⌀32 x 300 MM49217°7W
122500218000154000KBlackDali90⌀32 x 300 MM53724°7W
122500218000164000KBlackDali95⌀32 x 300 MM49224°7W
122500209000154000KWhiteDali90⌀32 x 300 MM53724°7W
122500209000164000KWhiteDali95⌀32 x 300 MM49224°7W
122500218000174000KBlackDali90⌀32 x 300 MM53736°7W
122500218000184000KBlackDali95⌀32 x 300 MM49236°7W
122500209000174000KWhiteDali90⌀32 x 300 MM53736°7W
122500209000184000KWhiteDali95⌀32 x 300 MM49236°7W

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