Pole Spot Module 3W

Atom Family

Minimalistic Modular System

Atom pole is a minimalistic modular system. Its unique, flexible design and width range accessories makes the Atom pole system suitable both as a pole system and light bar.

The Atom pole spot system is adjustable spotlight with jack stick adapter for tool-free installation on the 24V low voltage Atom pole track. The spots structure is based on aluminium. The aluminium gives the spotlight a very good passive dissipation, which provide a very long lifespan. Internal there is a DC/DC driver circuit with an integrated dimmable function. The swivel joints allow the spot to rotate 360° and tilted by 90°. The high efficiency optic, which is position deep in the spot, provide a high level of visual comfort and low glare.

All Variations

160301718000012700KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM23320°3.5W
160301718000022700KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM21820°3.5W
160301709000012700KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM23320°3.5W
160301709000022700KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM21820°3.5W
160301718000032700KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM23330°3.5W
160301718000042700KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM21830°3.5W
160301709000032700KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM23330°3.5W
160301709000042700KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM21830°3.5W
160301718000052700KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM23340°3.5W
160301718000062700KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM21840°3.5W
160301709000052700KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM23340°3.5W
160301709000062700KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM21840°3.5W
160301718000073000KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM24520°3.5W
160301718000083000KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM22720°3.5W
160301709000073000KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM24520°3.5W
160301709000083000KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM22720°3.5W
160301718000093000KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM24530°3.5W
160301718000103000KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM22730°3.5W
160301709000093000KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM24530°3.5W
160301709000103000KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM22730°3.5W
160301718000113000KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM24540°3.5W
160301718000123000KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM22740°3.5W
160301709000113000KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM24540°3.5W
160301709000123000KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM22740°3.5W
160301718000134000KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM25820°3.5W
160301718000144000KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM24020°3.5W
160301709000134000KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM25820°3.5W
160301709000144000KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM24020°3.5W
160301718000154000KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM25830°3.5W
160301718000164000KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM24030°3.5W
160301709000154000KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM25830°3.5W
160301709000164000KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM24030°3.5W
160301718000174000KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM25840°3.5W
160301718000184000KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM24040°3.5W
160301709000174000KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM25840°3.5W
160301709000184000KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM24040°3.5W
160301718000195000KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM26220°3.5W
160301718000205000KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM23220°3.5W
160301709000195000KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM26220°3.5W
160301709000205000KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM23220°3.5W
160301718000215000KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM26230°3.5W
160301718000225000KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM23230°3.5W
160301709000215000KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM26230°3.5W
160301709000225000KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM23230°3.5W
160301718000235000KBlackTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM26240°3.5W
160301718000245000KBlackTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM23240°3.5W
160301709000235000KWhiteTriac90Ø20 x 40 MM26240°3.5W
160301709000245000KWhiteTriac95Ø20 x 40 MM23240°3.5W

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