Track Spot 1W – NA-S1


Nano Family

Nano Family

Mini hardware, mega effect

Tiny system engineered for easy-to-use flexibility

Forward-thinking Nano lighting solutions are designed for the electronic age, paving the way for a steady flow of integrated lighting and control innovations so you get the most out of each individual system and fixture.

Nano solutions are about delivering exceptional lighting effects – the hardware stands out by not standing out. That’s why the latest-generation LEDs we use are recessed deep within the spot casing, so you see light but not the source.

These tiny, gently rounded 24-volt spots – the smallest size of your little finger – attach to the tracks magnetically, so staff can make quick changes, with no tools or technical skills required.

There are tracks, joiner sections and clips for virtually any conceivable lighting setup or mounting requirement – the many mounting options give you virtually free rein for where you can install these discreetly sized spots, and what you can use them for.

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All Variations

160300118000012700KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM61lm18°1.3W
160300118000022700KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM61lm18°1.3W
160300118000032700KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM61lm24°1.3W
160300109000012700KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM61lm24°1.3W
160300109000022700KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM61lm36°1.3W
160300109000032700KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM61lm36°1.3W
160300118000043000KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM65lm18°1.3W
160300109000074000KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM74lm24°1.3W
160300118000053000KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM65lm18°1.3W
160300109000084000KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM74lm36°1.3W
160300118000063000KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM65lm24°1.3W
160300109000094000KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM74lm36°1.3W
160300109000043000KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM65lm24°1.3W
160300118000105000KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM79lm18°1.3W
160300109000053000KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM65lm36°1.3W
160300118000115000KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM79lm18°1.3W
160300109000063000KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM65lm36°1.3W
160300118000125000KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM79lm24°1.3W
160300118000074000KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM74lm18°1.3W
160300109000105000KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM79lm24°1.3W
160300118000084000KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM74lm18°1.3W
160300109000115000KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM79lm36°1.3W
160300118000094000KBlackTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM74lm24°1.3W
160300109000125000KWhiteTriac95⌀15 x 30 MM79lm36°1.3W

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