Nature is deeply rooted in the Nordic identity. It’s where we find peace and ourselves when life gets hectic. Danish housing manufacturer Njordrum is on a mission to bring humans and nature closer together. They design, develop and produce modular houses, faithful to the Nordic spirit. When you have light, space and a strong relation between interior and exterior, the amount of square meter is no longer essential to whether the house feels big or small.

Signe Abrahamson Jewelry

In the heart of Copenhagen, Signe Abrahamson Jewelry handcrafts beauty and elegance. We helped the boutique with a new lighting system that lights the stage for each beautiful piece.


The lighting we provide means you can present installations that deliver experiences your customers – and their users – haven’t seen before. Whether subtle or in your face, this enables you to set new standards for visual impact, end-user satisfaction and low cost of ownership throughout high-profile spaces.


At Spinderiet, new ideas pop up, and concepts take shape. To nurture them and help get the job done, great lighting is necessary. So, we installed our stylish, flexible and effective Hybrid system to support the workflow.


Autocentralen’s new showroom is lit to amaze and inspire. Together with LIK Lighting, we provided an impactful yet discrete solution for the Danish car dealer.