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Track Spot 3W

Don’t limit your imagination and lighting

The Mini Hybrid series is designed for the electronic age. It paves the way for a flow of integrated lighting and control innovations, so you get the most out of each fixture and system.
The series is a tiny system engineered for easy-to-use flexibility. Multiple mounting options give you multiple ways to place these subtle spots. You’ll find tracks, joiner sections and clips for any conceivable lighting setup or mounting need.
The Mini Hybrid Track Spot is mini hardware with a mega effect. We designed Mini Hybrid to deliver exceptional lighting effects and draw unnecessary attention, so we placed the latest-generation LEDs deep in the housing.
These gently rounded 24-volt spots – the size of the smallest joint of your little finger – can be installed with no tools or technical skills because they attach to the track magnetically.

Technical Specifications


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Item no.CCTColorControlCRIDimensionlm-systemOpticW-systemLuminous Efficiency (system value)AdjustabilityMaterial
57151740054413000KWhiteTriac90ø15 x 40mm247lm18°3.4W73Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740054273000KBlackTriac90ø15 x 40mm247lm18°3.4W73Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053282700KWhiteTriac90ø15 x 40mm233lm18°3.4W69Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053042700KBlackTriac90ø15 x 40mm233lm18°3.4W69Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740056564000KWhiteTriac95ø15 x 40mm239lm36°3.4W70Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740056494000KWhiteTriac90ø15 x 40mm260lm36°3.4W76Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740056324000KBlackTriac95ø15 x 40mm239lm36°3.4W70Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740056254000KBlackTriac90ø15 x 40mm260lm36°3.4W76Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740056184000KWhiteTriac95ø15 x 40mm245lm24°3.4W72Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740056014000KWhiteTriac90ø15 x 40mm267lm24°3.4W79Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055954000KBlackTriac95ø15 x 40mm245lm24°3.4W72Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055884000KBlackTriac90ø15 x 40mm267lm24°3.4W79Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055714000KWhiteTriac95ø15 x 40mm240lm18°3.4W71Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055644000KWhiteTriac90ø15 x 40mm261lm18°3.4W77Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055574000KBlackTriac95ø15 x 40mm240lm18°3.4W71Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055404000KBlackTriac90ø15 x 40mm261lm18°3.4W77Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055333000KWhiteTriac95ø15 x 40mm226lm36°3.4W66Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055263000KWhiteTriac90ø15 x 40mm247lm36°3.4W73Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055193000KBlackTriac95ø15 x 40mm226lm36°3.4W66Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740055023000KBlackTriac90ø15 x 40mm247lm36°3.4W73Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740054963000KWhiteTriac95ø15 x 40mm232lm24°3.4W68Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740054893000KWhiteTriac90ø15 x 40mm254lm24°3.4W75Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740054723000KBlackTriac95ø15 x 40mm232lm24°3.4W68Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740054653000KBlackTriac90ø15 x 40mm254lm24°3.4W75Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740054583000KWhiteTriac95ø15 x 40mm227lm18°3.4W67Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740054343000KBlackTriac95ø15 x 40mm227lm18°3.4W67Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740054102700KWhiteTriac95ø15 x 40mm218lm36°3.4W64Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740054032700KWhiteTriac90ø15 x 40mm234lm36°3.4W69Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053972700KBlackTriac95ø15 x 40mm218lm36°3.4W64Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053802700KBlackTriac90ø15 x 40mm234lm36°3.4W69Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053732700KWhiteTriac95ø15 x 40mm223lm24°3.4W66Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053662700KWhiteTriac90ø15 x 40mm241lm24°3.4W71Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053592700KBlackTriac95ø15 x 40mm223lm24°3.4W66Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053422700KBlackTriac90ø15 x 40mm241lm24°3.4W71Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053352700KWhiteTriac95ø15 x 40mm219lm18°3.4W64Rotatable & TiltableAluminium
57151740053112700KBlackTriac95ø15 x 40mm219lm18°3.4W64Rotatable & TiltableAluminium

(*) Estimated Delivery Times:
In Stock: 5-8 days.
Remote Stock: Air freight 7-10 days or shipping by sea 60 days.
Special Order: Production time 30 days + Air freight 7-10 days or shipping by sea 69 days.

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